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Why SoundFence

As more and more people live closer together in tightly packed subdivisions, the mental stress of noise becomes a serious issue. Noise nuisance complaints are on the rise and litigation is increasing. The problem is not limited to wild parties or garage rock bands. Noise that ordinarily wouldn't bother anybody, like ringing phones, pool pumps, or a TV, have now become the sound-track of modern living. We try to tune it out, yet the stress it causes is still present, and there's seemingly no way around it. That's why ASC developed the SoundFence.

SoundFence vs. Concrete Soundwall

With no soundwall present, sound travels freely onto the property and sound reverberates on the property freely. Traffic noise can intrude, even from a relatively great distance.

With the typical highway soundwall , sound is reflected from both sides of the wall. Car noise bounces back onto the roadway, but yard noise bounces back to the house. An echo effect is created. The diffraction effect can also recurve noise back to ground level, causing a horizontal hissing sound coming off the top of the wall. A real headache.

With the ASC SoundFence, sound is absorbed on both sides of the fence. There is no echo chamber effect as sound intensity is greatly reduced. Both street and backyard noise is reduced and a more comfortable ambiance is achieved.


SoundFence Design

A standard neighborhood Soundfence panel is usually 5' x 92.25" in order to fit a traditional 6' fence with 8' post centers. However, ASC can tailor your SoundFence panels to most custom fence sizes. The recommended SoundFence design suggests you use 4x4 pressure treated posts and a pressure treated Ground Seal, buried 3” below grade and extending at least a few inches above grade. This Seal prevents unwanted noise from sneaking under the fence. The ground seal can be 2x6, 2x10, or 4x6 for extra strength.

The actual SoundFence Panels rest on 2x4 pressure treated top and bottom rails, strung between the posts. These rails can be used to attach 1x4 cedar slats, or left un-slatted.

To size your Panels, subtract from the finished height the “ground seal”, plus the 2x4 support rails, and any slat reveal above the top rail. Therefore, a 6 foot high fence would likely have SoundFence Panels that are 63.5” high.

SoundFence Panels do not require cedar slats, but do require a weather cap to protect the Panel from direct impact of rain.

Taller Fences

Typical 8’ fence post centers are for light weight fences that have little to no wind resistance. A SoundFence is sealed air tight from the ground up, which can cause strong windpressure with fences taller than 6'. Therefore taller fences must have their post centers placed closer to withstand wind resistance.

We recommend that you contact local fence contractors or structural engineers who know wind load requirements for your area. Be sure to apply for a building permit, and comply with all state and local zoning requirements.




How it Works

The SoundFence is most effective at frequencies above 500Hz which is also the frequency range most perceived by the human ear. SoundFence flattens the perception curve across the sound spectrum while at the same time lowering the overall noise level. SoundFence not only reduces the overall noise level, but reshapes the perceived noise to meet the architectural standards for acceptable levels which is a perceived flat spectrum.

Installation is Fast and Easy
The SoundFence goes up in 3 easy steps. A detailed installation guide comes with every order, but here are the basics. Step one is building the fence frame.

Step two is to place the SoundFence Panels into the fence frame.

Step three is installing the slats.


Traditional 5' x 92.25" sound panels costs $616 dollars each. For custom sizes and more information, pleas contact us at 1-800-ASC-TUBE.


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