Studio 713 PCAD Bass TrapsStudio 713 PCAD Bass Traps Installed

SEPTEMBER 2010- Large Traps for Studio 713

Make It Big

Recording studio doing an upgrade to their live room already had PCADs in the other part of their studio. Now they wanted custom large versions for their live room. Building them was only part of the project, figuring out how to pack and ship them by truck, so they didn't get damaged was something else. By the time we were done, the panels arrived in perfect condition.

The PCAD is a Poly Cylindrical Absorber Diffuser and if a favorite in recording studio design and build projects. Because of the depth of its internal cavity, it operates down into the mid bass trap range and is an excellent choice for live rooms, iso booths, and control rooms. It is also frequently used in home theater acoustics.

The average PCAD size ranges, usually 5' tall and 3' wide. But Studio 713 in Houston, Texas wanted a rack of large units for their new Live room. These 6 larger units complement the 12 normal sized PCAD units they already had in their studio from another remodel project a few years back.

The new PCADs were 7' tall and 4' wide, just twice as big as our standard model. Because of the size, these huge tricked out sound panels weighed twice what our normal units weigh. It took 2 people to handle them instead of one person.

Fabricating them was one thing but packaging them for safe shipment across the country was quite another. Photos are from the factory during construction. And the panels arrived safe and sound, no damage.

Studio 713 invites you to visit their site and see the finished project. (Visit Studio 713)