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Specialty Product Journal (2010/2011)

In addition to designing, constructing and outfitting high performance audio rooms, we develop and manufacture a number of other specialty products for a wide variety of customers. Here we see a photo and description of some of the more unusual products our factory has recently built and shipped.

Grace Studio  

ASC was recently tasked with providing one of its signature Attack Wall systems to Grace Recording Studio of Maui, Hawaii. .

Skywalker Bass Trap Soffit  

Skywalker sound asked ASC to provide them with a modified acoustic soffit to accommodate a projector they planned to install in one of their two primary Sound Design suites.

UO Spin Studio  
December 2010 - new spin studio for universtiy of oregon

ASC was approached by the University of Oregon with a unique task; convert an unused, cacophonous racquetball court into a modern, acoustically peaceful, spin cycling studio.

RMAF Bass Traps  
October 2010 - ASC at Rocky Mount. audio fest

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was held at the Denver Marriott Tech Center Hotel from October 15-17, 2010. The show was one of the largest RMAFs to date, surpassing expectations of what has arguably become the largest annual high-end audio show in the United States

PCAD Bass Traps  
September 2010 - Giant traps for studio 713

Recording studio doing an upgrade to their live room already had PCADs in the other part of their studio. Now they wanted custom large versions for their live room. Building them was only part of the project, figuring out how to pack and ship them by truck, so they didn't get damaged was something else. By the time we were done, the panels arrived in perfect condition.

Bass Trap Stand  
August 2010 - Studio trap roller

After years of backbreaking studio work, carrying StudioTraps from place to place in the live room, somebody finally had a bright idea. Martin Kantola of Finland asked if we could put glides on the bottom, so he could herd a bunch of them at one time across the wood floor of the live room. Putting a tripod on wheels is not as easy as it seems, but finally we got a great setup and now you can order glide bases, just unbolt the old base and replace it with our now glide base.

FAA Noise Baffles  
June 2010 - FAA Noise Baffle

ASC has been building FAA airport radar site noise baffles for the ASR-9 radar system for about 20 years. Most of the civilian and military airports in the country have been fit with this NCP-10 noise suppression package. We still get another order, every once in a while. And after 20 years we still have all our jigs and templates and fabrication procedures. Here you see part of that order pushed up against a number of TubeTraps which are heading out to a recording studio. We are very proud to be an authorized supplier to such an important component in such an important industry. And after 20 years of continuous operation in about 100 airports, we've only had one failure...somebody was pushing a cabinet too fast, crashed and bent a wheel.

Noise Baffles  
may 2010 - Custom Mobile Test Truck
ASC was asked to outfit Industrial Hearing's new mobile test facility with soundproofing. The final design was able to provide a quality test environment and provide improved aerodynamics while reducing gas mileage
HVAC Mufflers  
April 2010- HVAC Mufflers for Untold riches
ASC was asked to deliver six inline HVAC mufflers for producer Rick Rich of Untold Riches Records.
Billy Jean Drum Cover  
March 2010- Billie jean kick drum cover
ASC was asked to replicate, manufacture, and sell the Billie Jean Kick Drum Cover for Michael Jackson's recording engineer Bruce Swedien.
Truss Sound Panel  
February 2010- custom restaurant acoustics
ASC was asked to design budget acoustics for a restaurant with tile floor, glass walls, and an open truss ceiling. We developed the low cost, easy install TrussPanel.