Industrial SoundTrap

For large open plenum spaces such as the typical factory floor with large machinery, noise can quickly build up beyond acceptable OSHA limits. This can be a serious safety issue, and the goal is to gain OSHA compliance by lowering the noise floor. Suspending ASC Industrial SoundTraps from the ceiling is one way to lower the noise level.

Industrial SoundTraps are cylindrical sound absorbers based on ASC's patented bass trap (ASC-TubeTrap™) technology. This unit is 9" diameter and 36" long. It can be attached at both ends and strung together on cables vertically or horizontally. There is a rigid threaded center rod connecting the two ends. The core is supported with bulkheads which compartmentalizes the otherwise hollow tube. This model does not have an exoskeleton welded mesh screen as our standard units have, therefore it is structurally not as strong. It is covered with a thick gray felt-like fabric, or any of our fire rated Foss fabrics for a small upcharge.

Industrial Sound Trap installation detail

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