A little about our company:

We are a manufacturer of acoustic products and services for high end audio interiors. We build custom acoustics for recording studios, home theaters, churches and dedicated listening rooms. Our most popular and most famous product is the TubeTrap, a cylinder shaped device that absorbs bass sounds and reflects treble sounds. If you love music and want to be a part of the music industry, ASC wants you. We have built interiors for world famous studios such as Skywalker Sound and famous musicians such as Jennifer Lopez, Sheryl Crow and Pete Townshend.

Come be a part of the excitement. ASC is always working on new products and new marketing channels. We seek bright, intelligent, mechanically competent and musically inclined individuals to join us, to help take ASC to the next level. Acoustic Sciences Corporation (ASC) was founded in 1984 by Physicist/Acoustic Engineer Arthur Noxon. Since that time, our patented acoustic 'TubeTraps' have become an industry standard fixture in world-class professional recording and high-end listening studios. Having won several prestigious industry awards for product innovation & design, our products are highly revered and sought after.

We currently have openings for:

Fabrication Production Technician

Senior Fabricator

We often have frequent openings for:

Architectural Assistant

Acoustic Sales Rep

You are welcome to send us a cover letter and resume.

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