The California Audio Show

The California Audio Show ran the weekend of June 30th to August 1st and was a giant success. Constantine Soo and the staff of DAGOGO worked hard at creating an audio show where the audience wouldn't just see the latest in HiFi, but hear it, experience it, and have that audiophile epiphany - either for the first time or all over again - that has us endlessly fine tuning our listening rooms trying to achieve that perfect moment where we can close our eyes and just listen.

Blue Coast setup

They succeeded, with attendance for the first-time show hovering somewhere around 2000 when the expected 3-day turnout was 750. ASC, which had been asked months ago to provide their acoustic expertise, showed up expecting to provide acoustic treatments for three rooms and hoping to show off our new SmartTrap product line. However, when we arrived we were asked by eight different companies if we would assist them in creating a top-quality listing environment for the visiting audiophiles. So we came up with a clever solution to treat 8 rooms with 3 rooms' worth of acoustics: turn the rooms around so the room itself contributed the best sound possible, and use the small amount of acoustics to fix what little bad sound was left.

In the larger rooms, ASC Rep Chris Klein placed the speakers on each side of a corner, with a single stack of TubeTraps deep in the corner for standard corner-loaded bass trapping. Then, he placed a single Tube on each short length of wall to further damp the corner, and absorb reflections for the opposite speaker.

Since the left- and right-side walls are now slanting away from the seating, sidewall reflections are scattered towards the back of the room. Each pair of speakers had a good open soundstage and nice tight bass. You can see examples of the rooms and descriptions of the exhibits by clicking any of the thumbs below. Once again, thanks to Constantine Soo and DAGOGO for putting on a great show and for everyone who turned out to make it the success it was.

Download the free music recorded at the show from Blue Coast Records by clicking here.

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