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We may not make the sound, but we definitely make it sound better

We are an acoustic engineering, design and fabrication company. We work on acoustic projects and build acoustic products. Our area of specialty is high-precision, high-power audio playback environments; recording studios and rehearsal spaces, audiophile listening rooms and custom home theaters. Our first product was the TubeTrap in 1984 and it has been in continuous production and distributed worldwide ever since. It was then and remains today the single most powerful and compact bass trap ever made.

Over the years our expertise and product line has expanded to the area of speech in medium sized rooms such as restaurants, church, school and institutional facililities. Additionally, we have developed numerous noise control devices and products for unique applications which include electronic equipment, research facilities, radar equipment and even noisy neighborhoods. Do visit our website and feel free to call us when you have questions.

-Arthur Noxon, President of ASC